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Comprehensive service of funeral repatriation from and to Latin America.

Our experience, human talent, infrastructure, strategic alliances with global corporations and the support of the main funeral associations in the world make it easier for us to guarantee you a repatriation service with excellence, through the execution and precise monitoring of the three phases of the process: COLLECT , PROCESS AND TRANSFER.

General services

◉ International repatriation of human remains, body or ashes
◉ Cremation or reduction to ashes
◉ International repatriation of ashes
◉ Reception of human remains and national transfers
◉ Compliance

Additional services

◉ Lifting of the body at the place of death
◉ Legal procedures necessary for the cremation of the body
◉ Transfers necessary for the cremation of the body
◉ Air transport of the ashes to the designated place

Special services

◉ Obtaining a death and cremation certificate
◉ Funeral reconstruction
◉ Shipping of personal effects
◉ Funeral service
◉ Memorial and / or religious service
◉ Funeral procession
◉ Cemetery lot (temporary or perpetuity according to local requirements and regulations)
◉ Exhumation of remains
◉ Transportation for relatives of the deceased
◉ G7 Squad: Elite Funeral Transfer Service

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