G7MS Guarantee

How do we guarantee that you will always receive the best service?

To guarantee the excellence of our service to repatriate a body or cremation ashes from and to Latin America, we have the following value and infrastructure offer:

  • ◉ More than 30 years of experience in the funeral sector around the world.
    ◉ 15 years of comprehensive practice that has allowed us to achieve a master's level in the international funeral repatriation service to and from Latin America.
    ◉ Multidisciplinary, expert, sensitized and multilingual team to accurately monitor the transfer strategy to repatriate body or ashes.
    ◉ Expertise in funeral management systems in Latin America.

  • ◉ Own portfolio of intelligence data on services, costs and procedures for each country allows us to make the best decisions and be fully effective.
    ◉ Coalition with airlines for air transfers.
    ◉ Latin American funeral support network, made up of companies and organizations of the highest level and with a long history.
    ◉ Active membership in the most important organizations of the funeral sector in the world.

Let us be your comprehensive logistics repatriation operator for your funeral home or family.

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