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About us

Nosotros G7MS Repatriación Funeraria Internacional

Our experience and support in funeral repatriation from and to Latin America.

Since 2005 we are pioneers in the realization of international transfers in that region. Currently, we have 15 years of practice and expertise that allow us to know in depth the culture, idiosyncrasy and funeral systems to guarantee agile funeral repatriation processes in all their countries; as well as having our own certified funeral network to control and solve the service strategy in any country in that territory.

We also have the international support of the best international funeral associations FIAT-IFTA, NFDA, IAG and ALPAR, which guarantees that our service is regulated and approved based on the global standards established for funeral services.

We have consolidated a strategic, comprehensive, multilingual and sensitized team to assertively serve the diversity of clients who trust in our service.

We promise a comprehensive, reliable, proactive, efficient service, guided by avant-garde logistics and with our deepest respect, based on empathy and commitment to our funeral vocation.

It should be noted that we are the only company in Latin America, dedicated to international funeral service, with an Elite Service, executed by our G7 Squad, to solve complicated funeral repatriation processes.

We are convinced that through our method of continuous improvement, we will soon be able to achieve our vision: To be the leading international funeral repatriation operator in the American continent, recognized for its efficient and empathic management of funeral transfers to and from Latin America.

We are fully committed to our performance to become the first option in international repatriation funeral services for the Latino community in the world and for foreigners residing in Latin America.

7 pillars that consolidate our essence

◉ Experience
◉ Integrity
◉ Reliability
◉ Productivity
◉ Efficiency
◉ Vanguard
◉ Respect

7 values that govern our service

◉ Integrity
◉ Compliance
◉ Efficiency
◉ Practicality
◉ Vocation
◉ Respect
◉ Empathy

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