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G7 Squad

G7 Squad

What is the G7 Squad?

The experience acquired in our 15 years as suppliers of repatriations and funeral services to and from Latin America have allowed us to establish an assertive tactical system and develop a Premium Service in charge of the G7 Squad: an elite team, with highly specialized, competent, multicultural and multilingual personnel, capable of solving highly complex transfer operations with order, precision, speed. and efficiency.

In especially complex cases, in order to carry out an optimal transfer, our unit of experts immediately mobilizes to the place of death, even in extreme conditions, to speed up the identification, release, reception and preparation of the body, as well as its follow-up to the safe and designated final destination.

Special cases,
extraordinary solutions

◉ Tactical
◉ Speed
◉ Accuracy
◉ Resolution
◉ Compliance

Operations of the
G7 Squad

◉ Availability and assistance 24/7
◉ Body identification
◉ Authorization to initiate the funeral process
◉ Death certificate management
◉ Body release resolution
◉ Custody of the body
◉ Preparation and preservation of the body
◉ Cremation or embalming
◉ Compliance with sanitary guidelines
◉ Procedures in consulates and embassies
◉ Specialized packaging
◉ Definition of the most efficient route
◉ Articulation of stopovers in air travel
◉ Real-time process tracking
◉ Accurate delivery anywhere in the world

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