G7 Squad

In especially complex cases and in order to carry out an optimal transfer, our unit of experts is immediately mobilized to the place of death, even in extreme conditions, to speed up the identification, release, reception and preparation of the body, as well as its follow-up to the safe and designated final destination.

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G7MS Repatriación Funeraria Internacional

The experience acquired in our 17 years as providers of repatriations and funeral services has allowed us to establish an assertive tactical system and develop a Premium Service in charge of the G7 Squad.

The premium service of the G7 Squad is ideal to assist cases in which the remains are found in places:

◉ Remotes
◉ Difficult to access
◉ With social, political or armed conflicts
◉ No relatives to authorize the processes
◉ No adequate resources, facilities or laboratories for preservation and treatment
◉ Without providers or competent authorities for the resolution
◉ No consulates of the nationality of the deceased