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We offer an integrated repatriation service for bodies and ashes. We have strategic alliances with international funerary corporations, airline and logistics operators. Our partners are leaders in the market, which allows us to guarantee a high level of service and quality, provided by competent and experienced professionals.

We take care of the whole repatriation process through three stages:


From the moment of death, we request a death certificate from local authorities, the release of the body and the delivery of mortal remains.


We carry out the legal, consular, funeral and sanitary paperwork to ensure the permission required for repatriation. 


We take care of air transport, whether it is a body or ashes, from the country of origin to the destination. Throughout the journey, we monitor and track each step of the journey up to the moment of arrival.

Repatriation of bodies

  • Lifting of the body at the place of death.
  • Thanatopraxy processes required for the repatriation of the body.
  • Legal procedures at consulates, embassies, customs.
  • Packaging and boxing required for repatriation.
  • Air transport from the place of death to the final destination chosen by the customer.
  • Once the body reaches its final destination: domestic land or air transport to the final destination.
  • Documentation required for funeral services in Latin American or the destination country.

Repatriation of ashes

  • Lifting of the body at the place of death.
  • Legal procedures required for cremation.
  • Necessary transfers for the cremation of the body.
  • Air transport for the ashes to the designated destination.

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