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In G7MS we have 15 years of experience providing solutions for international funeral shipping services and repatriation of bodies from and to Latin America for funeral companies and families.

We are continually making improvements to our service to achieve our vision in 2025 of becoming one of the world´s leading integrated funeral repatriation companies operating from Latin America, to anywhere in the world. We aim to become the first option for the Latin community worldwide and for foreigners living in Latin America.

To guarantee the highest quality for our global international repatriation services, we work with well-established partners with more than 30 experience providing funeral services. Our alliances with airlines and our expert knowledge of the costs and funeral procedures of each country we operate, enable us to provide an agile and efficient service. We take care of all funeral and legal paperwork and procedures while rigorously monitoring and tracking each process from death to arrival in the destination country- guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

We take care of the funeral and legal procedures while we do a detailed monitoring of every process. Since the death until the arrival in the country of destination, ensuring high quality standards.

Our team of consultants is ready to speak to you or your customers in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, working to meet your needs and to give you daily updates on the status of your repatriation, enabling you to track and to have control over the process.

We belong to the most important organizations in the funeral sector worldwide giving us the backing and support to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.

Let us be the integrated repatriation logistics operator for your funeral company or family.


Alarm Center 24/7

EE.UU.: +1 212 784 6747
Colombia: +57 1 381 1697
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