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¿What is the G7 Squad?

Experience, acquired in our 12 years as providers of repatriation and funeral services from and to Latin America, have allowed us to stablish an assertive tactical system and develop a Premium Service carried out by our G7 Squad: an elite team, conformed by an extremely specialized, competent, multicultural, multilingual staff, able to solve high-complexity funeral transfer operations with order, precision, swiftness and efficiency.

In particularly complex cases, in able to execute an optimal transfer, our master unit moves immediately as far as the decease place, even under extreme conditions, to speed up the identification, release, reception and preservation of the human remains and to track the shipment until its arrival to the final, secure and designated destination.

High complexity situations, extraordinary solutions


This Premium Service, executed by the G7 Squad, is ideal to assist cases in which funeral remains are in places with the following circumstances:

  • Remote
  • Difficult access
  • With social, political or armed conflict
  • Without family that can authorize the funeral process
  • Without suitable resources, facilities or labs to achieve the preservation or treatment
  • Without competent providers or authorities to perform a precise operation
  • Without consulates according to the deceased nationality

G7-Squad Operations

  • Availability and assistance 24/7
  • Remains identification
  • Authorization to start the funeral process
  • Death certificate paperwork
  • Remains release paperwork
  • Remains guardianship
  • Preparation and preservation of remains
  • Cremation or embalming
  • Sanitary regulations
  • Consulate and embassy paperwork
  • Appropriate container
  • Most efficient destination route
  • Flights management for air transportation
  • Real time tracking of funeral transfers
  • Precise delivery of funeral shipment in any country

Alarm Center 24/7

EE.UU.: +1 212 784 6747
Colombia: +57 1 381 1697
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